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Welcome to Thatch & Timber

Thatch-Tech cc specializes in the construction of thatch and timber applications,  in corporate game lodges, private game lodges and cluster home development. This includes the thatching of new roofs and the repairs, maintenance and recovering of existing thatch roofs. Timber staircases, timber lofts, timber decking, balustrades, pergolas, alterations and extensions both indoors and outdoors is also amongst our specialty.

All projects undertaken are carried out in accordance of the terms and specifications as prescribed by the South African Thatchers Association, the M.B.A, The Building Society Act and subject to the terms and conditions of the JBCC 2000.

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Thatch Roofs and Outdoor Thatching Specialists:

For a natural and tranquil look, let us turn your home or lodge into the splendor of the outdoors.

The company and its members have over 18 years experience in the thatch roof construction business. 

Our specialties are thatch roofs, decks done in timber (wood/Belau/Garapa)   and any other timber

applications requested by the client. 

We also construct timber/pine floors for loft rooms, timber/wooden walkways, timber bridges, viewing decks,

Gumpole and lath pergolas, Gumpole balustrades, rustic lath/wood screen fences and timber/pine staircases.

We have undertaken projects throughout Southern Africa, including Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Zambia,

Mozambique, Gauteng, Natal and the Cape Province.